Horse Riding - Nestos Plus

Horse-riding next to Nestos river

From Toxotes area we depart with a train in order to reach in a few minutes the mountainous Stavroupoli and in a perfectly organized area for horses and nature lovers, where there is the chance to “control” the stress that daily routine has burden us with and meet the riverside tourist horse-riding.

Elias… will always be next to you to guide you through the rich natural area and to present you with all the beauty at the flora and fauna, from a higher level.

Calm horses that immediately understand whether their rider is a beginner or experienced will take you to a surrounding different from the usual! Also there are race horses that you may lead them whenever the area inspires you and ride without limitations!

Ride for 1 hour to a whole day. And from a one-day trip at the mountainous area of Nestos, to a five0day trip to mountainous Rodopi!!!

Necessary accessories: remember far-west?

We provide: attendant, train ticket, coffee/picnic, insurance, participation souvenir.